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Back To School Prep Days

School is almost back in session. Our friends at Dresden Elementary need our help preparing for the new school year. Dresden is a Title 1 school in DeKalb County. Title 1 schools are part of a federal education program that supports low-income students. Pebble Tossers volunteers participate in various service projects with Dresden throughout the year.

Back to School Prep Days:

July 26, volunteers are needed to label books, bundle books, and prep them for the classroom. Volunteers for this activity should be 10 and older and with an adult.

July 27 volunteers will be laminating items for the teachers. Volunteers must be 16 and older to laminate.

OPEN PROJECTS: Not a member of Pebble Tossers? Then join us for one of these projects and experience what you are missing. Nonmembers can click on one of the dates below to register.

July 26 preparing books
July 27 laminating

2449 Dresden Drive

Chamblee, GA 30341

Lisa Gill