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Cards to Encourage our Elderly Friends

Our Cause Area for September is the Elderly and we are celebrating by sending cards and notes of encouragement to the Elderly residents at A.G. Rhodes and the Trinka Davis Veterans Village. This is an Open Project.

About this project: Volunteers will make cards/ notes/ drawings or they can purchase cards. Be creative and have fun! Must make a minimum of 10 cards/ notes/drawings.

- Volunteers can create Happy Grandparents Day Cards to arrive before September 12. Otherwise, send cards all month long.

- Volunteers can make other cards or notes with cheerful messages and drawings to uplift the Elders'' spirits throughout the month.

- Volunteers can make cards, notes, and drawings for Elder Veterans to thank them for their service and to uplift their spirits, and provide encouragement.

Registration: Pebble Tossers members should register for this project and choose any of the dates on the service calendar in order to record service hours. The project can be completed on any day not just the one registered for.

Open Registration: If you are not yet a Pebble Tossers member click here to register.

Once you register you will receive details on how to complete this project and where to send your cards/ notes. Recipients will include Elders at A.G. Rhodes (Atlanta, Wesley Woods, Cobb locations) and Trinka Davis Veterans Village.

Thanks for supporting Pebble Tossers and our community.

Locations to send your cards will be provided in the confirmation email.

, GA

Lisa Gill