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Pebble Tossers empowers and equips youth to lead through service. Over the past 15 years, we've helped youth of all ages learn about causes, find their passion area of service, and grow in amazing leadership. 

Pebble Tossers meets youth where they are, physically and developmentally, to provide age-appropriate resources that enable them to take responsibility, develop their own leadership skills, and ultimately make a meaningful impact by helping our community. Pebble Tossers' unique approach curates service-learning opportunities specifically designed for youth in an effort to combat stress through empathy and community.

Crucial to our mission is helping other nonprofits accelerate their mission goals. Pebble Tossers provides essential volunteers that enable other nonprofits to meet their missions and better serve the community in general.

We believe in youth. We know the power of service.

Youth Participation in volunteerism + community service gain:

  • Access to the range of supports and opportunities they need to grow up healthy, caring, and responsible.
  • Increased sense of self-efficacy as young people learn that they can impact real social challenges, problems, and needs.
  • Higher academic achievement and interest in furthering their education,
  • Enhances problem-solving skills, ability to work in teams & planning abilities.
  • Enhanced civic engagement attitudes, skills, and behaviors.
  • Many leaders in public service today attribute being inspired and shaped through early experiences in community service or volunteerism.

Pebble Tossers wants you to start your ripple of giving and help our youth!

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