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Create Art Kits from Home

Throughout the years, Children's Healthcare of Atlanta (CHOA) has relied on families, individuals and groups for a variety of donations for their patients and families. Since volunteers can't visit in person to host activities for the families they are accepting Art Kits that you can create from home. The Art Kits help the patients briefly escape their situation by allowing them to focus on creative and fun activities.

To donate the Art Kits, please email one of the following CHOA team members before you begin your project to verify needs and when you can deliver your items. You can also discuss specific guidelines and quantities regarding donations.

Egleston Hospital: Meryl Franco at meryl.franco@choa.org and Ansley Johnson ansley.johnson@choa.org.

Hughes Spalding Hospital: Charice Holt at charice.holt @choa.org For this location volunteers can drop off donations at any time at the security desk and complete the green donation form.

Scottish Rite Hospital: Melanie Turner at melanie.turner@choa.org

Suggested Items to include in the art kits: (make sure all items are brand new to comply with infection control). No glitter items will be accepted.

  • Crayons (8-24 count packs)

  • Coloring Books (Kid and advanced)

  • Non-permanent Markers (8-12 count packs)

  • Colored Pencils (8-24 Count Packs)

  • Stickers

  • Glue Sticks

  • Craft Kits

  • Playdough

Once you have all of your items put them in a gallon-size Ziplock Bag and deliver to the hospital. Click here to go to CHOA's website for ways to help.

Other Note: Regarding PPE, they are currently in need of disinfecting wipes, N95 masks, gloves (non-latex) goggles and hand sanitizer. They are fortunate and are all set on face shields for now.

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