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Making Sandwiches

The mission statement of The Sandwich Project is: To produce, collect, and distribute sandwiches and similar food to organizations that feed those experiencing homelessness and food-insecure families in the Atlanta metro area. A central part of The Sandwich Project's work is to feed children (sandwiches, fruit, Clif Bars) through Chris 180's programs at The Promise Center and through donations to various food banks and pantries throughout the city.

How to Participate: Volunteers will purchase the sandwich supplies (bread, cheese, meat and ziplock bags) and make sandwiches from home. This is a great project to do with your family, classmates, neighbors, clubs, and other groups. There is no minimum or maximum number of sandwiches you can make. Instructions will be provided on how to make and package the sandwiches.

Sandwiches must be delivered on Wednesdays so it is best to make them Tuesday evening or on Wednesday. Members of The Sandwich Project team will deliver the sandwiches on Thursdays. Families throughout Atlanta serve as host drop-off locations. See the list below for various neighborhoods to choose from. Once you register to make sandwiches a list of drop-off locations and contact information will be provided for you to choose from. Most hosts have a refrigerator or cooler in their garage and you can deliver most any time on Wednesdays.

This project will always be listed on Wednesdays since that is the day of the week the sandwiches must be delivered. Also, the time listed on Wednesday on the calendar is for reference only. Volunteers will arrange a time with the drop-off location.

Neighborhoods with Drop-off Refrigerators: (this list may change weekly, registered volunteers will receive an updated list with details)
Park Brooke
Waters Cove

Chastain Park


Brooke Farm
Dunwoody Club Forest
Dunwoody Village area
Kingsley/Tilly Mill/JCC area
Mill Glen
Oxford Chase

East Hampton
Edgewater Cove
Hampton Lake
Post Oak Springs
Roswell Downs
The Vineyard

Candler Park and other areas


Amberfield & Neely Farms

Edgewater Cove
Horseshoe Bend
Wildwood Springs
Willow Springs / Country Club of Roswell

De Claire Ct
Riverside Area

King Valley

Contact Person: Volunteer Coordinator

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