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Prepare a Meal for Youth Shelter

Covenant House Georgia is more than a shelter. They provide more than a bed and a meal for youth experiencing homelessness and escaping trafficking; they show unconditional love and give comprehensive support so that their youth can and will realize their fullest potential.

Covenant House is in need of volunteers to prepare and share a meal every day of the week. This is a wonderful opportunity for families, corporate groups, church groups and individuals to impact the lives of homeless youth. Fifty-seven percent of homeless youth spend at least one day a month without food, so even a simple meal can begin the healing process for a young person.

How to Volunteer:

-Volunteers must register directly with Covenant House by clicking here to select your date.
The dates listed on our calendar may no longer be available, so select any other date that is convenient for you. Volunteers will only be providing the meals not serving the meal, due to age restrictions.

- The number of volunteers is listed as 1 because it represents a family or group. Additional volunteers can be added by a Pebble Tossers staff member after registration.

- When you register you are volunteering to provide the entire meal unless you team up with someone on your own.

Important Details

1) Breakfast is served 7 AM - 8 AM on weekdays, and 8 AM - 9 AM on weekends. Food should be provided for 60 youth. Breakfast must be delivered arrive least 30 minutes before the service time.

2) Lunch is served from 12 pm-1 pm, Saturday and Sunday in our crisis shelter. Food should be provided for 60 youth.

3) Dinner is served from 6 pm-7 pm, every night of the week in the crisis shelter. Drop off should be prior to 5:30 pm. Food should be provided for 60 youth.

Healthy eating is encouraged at the shelter. We ask that you please bring a main entrée dish, along with a grain/starch option and one to two vegetable side options. Fruit is popular and dessert is optional. Keep it simple! For any entrées, we ask that you provide an alternative vegetarian entrée so that all of our youth can enjoy the meal. Please provide in containers that you will not need back.

NOTE: If you need to cancel, please provide as much lead time as possible. The youth are counting on you to provide a meal and they need ample time to provide an alternative option.

Contact Person: Volunteer Coordinator

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