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Recycle, Upcycle, and Repurpose Art Contest

To celebrate Earth Day 2021, Pebble Tossers is holding a special contest! One of our goals is to continually educate and inform you, our members, with service-learning resources and hands-on opportunities. Environmental Stewardship is a key component to our Environment Cause Area and our Recycle, Upcycle, and Repurpose Art contest will be a fun and creative way for students and families to explore recycling and upcycling methods.

General Description of the Contest: The Recycle, Upcycle and Repurpose Art contest will consist of the design and creation of a work of
art made from recycled parts that represent the artist's interpretation of the theme "Restore our
Earth". (Definition of Repurposed: taking one thing and reusing it as something else.)

Below are just a few examples of items you can use to create something new.

- Clothing (t-shirts, jeans)
- Aluminum can pop- tops
- Bottle caps
- Plastic and glass bottles
- Tin cans
- Scrap wood
- Paper Products ( magazines, newspapers, paper rollers)

Contest Rules
1. Applications must be submitted by April 21, 2021. Click here for the application.
2. At least 90% of materials must be recycled
3. Include a list of all material used
4. An artist's statement must be included with the work of art explaining how it represents
the Earth Day Theme of "Restore our World".
5. Four Categories: elementary, middle, high school, and family/adult
6. A high-resolution photo of the finished project in landscape photo mode must be included with the application.

Registering on the Pebble Tossers website allows you to easily record your hours. You can create your project any day as long as you submit your application by April 21.

Your photo will be uploaded to the Pebble Tossers Instagram account on April 21, 2021. Please be sure to share the post with all your family and friends asking them to like it. All posts will be actively receiving likes for the entire week of April 19 - 23. The post with the most likes by the end of Friday, April 23 will be announced as the overall winner. Each post will also be marked by age level and will be judged by category. You will compete with others in your age level category (elementary, middle, high school, and adult/family.)

Winners will be announced at our Earth Day/ Global Youth Service Day project on April 24 at the Atlanta BeltLine.

Contact Person: Lisa Gill

Click here for details