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No-Sew Cuddle Blankets

No-sew cuddle blankets are a great project to do at home and send or deliver to InCommunity to give to the residents in their group homes. In addition to being warm and cozy, they make good fidget items for individuals who like to have something to do with their hands.

This is a virtual projects and perfect to do with family members and friends of all ages. It can be done any day and time and not just the day registered for. Instructions on how to make the blankets will be provided with the registration confirmation email.

About InCommunity
: InCommunity was created to provide community-based services and support to people with developmental disabilities and their families. InCommunity's employees provide all levels of support in the community to people with a variety of needs; including residential support, employment services, respite care, family support, in-home care, and day programs. To date, InCommunity has provided support and service to more than 10,000 Georgian community members.

Contact Person: Lisa Gill

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