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Thoughtful Notes for InCommunity

InCommunity provides care and support to those with developmental and intellectual disabilities (IDD). InCommunity is a consistent part of their lives where they see their friends, interact with the community & arts, and practice daily living skills. Due to COVID regulations, all of this has changed.

What Volunteers Can Do: The InCommunity clients and the staff that take care of them would love to hear some encouragement from their community!
Help spread the love. Send a thoughtful note to those who are still working hard to support individuals in their homes and to those who are being cared for who long for a sense of normalcy. Taking a moment to say thank you or sending a note to say we appreciate you can go a long way!

How it Works
- The date and time you register for simply allow you to sign up and record your hours. It is not the date your letters have to be complete by.
- Grab a card, postcard or piece of paper for the letter - don't forget an envelope!
- Write your letter/ cards, there's no limit to how many you can do!

Letter Writing Tips:

-Start with a salutation, such as "Dear friend" or "Greetings", "Dear Healthcare Worker"

-Send a personal message with an individual in our home: "You are not alone. We hope you have a sunshine day." "You are special." "We are in this together" or "Hang in there. We hope you are safe and healthy." Or share a note to a healthcare provider to say: "Thanks for your dedication and hard work".

-Please avoid glitter or additional items in the envelope.

Mail all letters to the address below. Include a note saying you are a Pebble Tossers volunteer.

3301 Buckeye Rd
Suite 700
Atlanta, GA 30341
ATTN: Volunteer Coordinator

Contact Person: Volunteer Coordinator

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