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Beltline Beautification Project

It's Family Volunteer Day at the BeltLine Project. On Nov. 21, 2020, we'll celebrate the 30th anniversary of Family Volunteer Day (FVD). Family Volunteer Day is a global day of service that celebrates the power of families who work together to support their communities and neighborhoods. This is an Open Project. If you have not joined Pebble Tossers and would like to come see what we are all about click here to register for our FVD event.

What we will be doing:

1. Every year for FVD our volunteers plant 500+ bulbs as part of the Daffodil Project. The Daffodil Project was started in Atlanta, in the Fall of 2010. The mission is to build a worldwide Living Holocaust Memorial by planting 1.5 million daffodils in memory of the 1.5 million children who perished in the Holocaust and in support of children who continue to suffer in humanitarian crises around the world today. The Daffodil Project symbolizes the strength and resilience of the human spirit.

2. Volunteers will also be sorting candy to be donated to the patients at CHOA.

3. Volunteers will also spread mulch and remove trash and debris.

Optional Holiday Addition: Every December, Pebble Tossers volunteers help support Agape Way, one of our nonprofit partners that helps those experiencing homelessness, by donating gifts for the children Agape Way serves. Normally our volunteers would also participate in their Christmas on the Street event that allows the parents to pick out gifts for their children and have them wrapped. It is an amazing experience for everyone. This year we are asking our volunteers to donate a toy(s) or Walmart gift card(s) and bring them with you to the BeltLine project on November 21. Hopefully next year we will be able to once again have volunteers help with the Christmas in the Street event.

We will be practicing safe protocols such as:

- Pebble Tossers Staff will be wearing masks
- Hand Sanitizer and wipes will be provided
- Volunteers must bring their own mask, work gloves and water bottle
- We will practice working at a safe distance

Contact Person: Lisa Gill

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