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Back-to-School Supplies Drive

To celebrate our Cause Area for August - Education + Literacy Pebble Tossers is collecting back to school supplies

How can you participate:

1. Volunteer: Pebble Tossers members can volunteer to help collect and organize donations on August 13th. Some volunteers will also remove information from the devices we collect. Please register to participate.

Date & Time:
August 13, 2022
10:00 am - 11:30 am

Location to volunteer:
The Commons Buildings 1-4
The patio outside of Building 1
3565 Piedmont Rd NE
Atlanta, GA 30305

2. Donate School Supplies (no registration needed and anyone can donate items)

Suggestions for supplies:
- composition & spiral notebooks
- wide rule notebook paper
- 24 count box of crayons, 10 count box of markers, pencils, pens & highlighters
- glue sticks
- scissors
- binder pencil pouch
- red, blue, yellow & green folders with prongs
- rulers
- 2" 3-ring binders
- earbuds or headphones
- USB flash drives
- calculators
- cleaning products such as disinfecting wipes & sprays and hand sanitizer
- ziplock bags

Technology Donations:
Laptops: We are also collecting laptops that are in good working condition to be donated. Please remove all personal files before donating.

iPods: The iPods will go to A.G. Rhodes, a nonprofit nursing organization, for them to add "period" music for their senior residents for their "Songs for Seniors" program.

Where to drop off your donations: We will have collection boxes in the lobby area of various Roam Innovative Workplace locations between August 1 and 10am August 12.

Roam Dunwoody
1155 Mount Vernon Hwy NE #800
Atlanta, GA 30338

Roam Perimeter Center
1151 Hammond Drive NE #240
Atlanta, GA 30346

Roam Lenox
3535 Peachtree RD NE #320
Atlanta, GA 30326

Roam Galleria
3031 Cobb Parkway #124
Atlanta, GA 30339

Roam Alpharetta
5815 Windward Pkwy. #302
Alpharetta, GA 30005

Contact Person: Chynna Edwards

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Period Packs

Menstrual hygiene products are necessities for females but are not available in many schools, shelters, and emerging communities to women and girls in need. The Period Project not only provides menstrual hygiene products to those in need they also educate communities on the global problem of lack of access to menstrual hygiene.

Volunteer Opportunities: 2 ways to participate

1. Assemble Packs (from your home)
Listed below are 3 types of Period Packs volunteers can assemble from home. Once you register to make the Period Packs you will receive more details on how to assemble the packs.

Women and Girls Living on the Street Pack
o Five to seven menstrual pads
o Five to seven tampons
o Seven liners
o Seven individually wrapped feminine hygiene wipes

Shelters, Refugee Centers, Free Medical Clinics and Similar Packs:
o Five menstrual pads
o Five tampons
o Five liners

School Packs:
o Seven menstrual pads
o Seven liners

2. Donate any of the items listed above without creating the individual packs.

How to Register & Deliver:
At least once a month Pebble Tossers will collect the Period Packs or individual items at our office space at Roam Dunwoody. If we don't have a date or time that is convenient for you email chynna@pebbletossers.org to set up another time.

August 17th from 11:00 am - 1:00 pm

Requirements: volunteers must record this project in their logbook, including the number of packs provided and a photo of the packs.

Thank you for supporting Pebble Tossers and The Homeless Period Project.

Contact Person: Volunteer Coordinator

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