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Adapted Mask Build-a-Thon

Join Makers Making Change and Shepherd Center on August 5 at noon EST as they co-host a virtual build-a-thon to make masks for people who use sip-and-puff straws to move their power wheelchairs! Shepherd Center staff will take virtual attendees through the steps of how to modify their existing masks to give to a great cause. Masks produced during the event will be supplied to inpatients and outpatients at Shepherd. For those producing masks in other areas in the United States and Canada, hosts will review how to supply masks to sip-and-puff users in their area.

All participants must register by clicking here and to learn what is needed in advance.

More Details
Following registration, participants are emailed the Zoom invitation for virtual participation 2 days before and the day of the event. Also included in the email there will be instructions for production, and information regarding supplying masks to sip and puff users following production.

Purchase the Following Before the Event Aug 5:
Pre-made mask: fabric, NK95, N95 or surgical mask

Grommet Tool Kit: Grommet kit set includes a hole cutter, a matched mandrel, and 100 sets of grommets eyelets (each set includes 1 eyelet and 1 washer), and a storage box; Eyelets size: 2/5" (10 mm) internal hole diameter.

Silicone Grommets : Silicone Straw Hole Grommets with Attached Plugs; Fits a 10mm hole; Reduces a 10mm hole to an 8mm internal hole diameter.

Tools to have on hand:


Durable and flat surface

Eraser or similar handheld firm but yielding surface

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