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READMarathon Coach

READMarathon is Share the Magic Foundation's Fall Reading Challenge designed to capture the fun and excitement of the marathon season that traditionally takes place across the country, Oct. 6th - through Nov. 1, 2020. The goal of READMarathon is for students to build reading stamina. Even with COVID-19, students can still race to read 850 minutes in just 26.2 days!

What Volunteers Will Do:
Volunteers will register to participate as a Virtual ReadMarathon Coach from Oct. 6th -Nov. 1. Volunteers should be 14 & older. Each volunteer will be assigned to an educator (typically a teacher) & a class in one of two local Title 1 schools. This is an Open Project, if you are not a Pebble Tossers member & would like to be a volunteer click here. Must register by Oct. 6.

As a ReadMarathon Coach, you may be asked to do some of the following tasks virtually. Once a volunteer is assigned an educator, the specific tasks will be identified and communicated with the volunteer.

o Assist your educator with READMarathon registration for students on your team if the
educator needs assistance or recording student's reading minutes
o Assist with providing guidance on reading materials for students on your team that are age-appropriate and genres the students will enjoy
o Develop inspiration for your team to encourage students throughout the race
o Develop encouragement for students that are falling behind in the race
o Participate in weekly virtual read alouds with your team. Details on how this works will be provided. The volunteer coach will have to schedule a time with their teacher that works for their schedule. The readings can also be recorded but this doesn't allow for any interaction.
o Create a virtual celebration for your team at the end of the race! This can be a team video, virtual dance party be creative!

How to register: The opportunity appears on the Service Calendar for Oct. 6 because this is the first day of the program. You must commit to volunteer for the entire program. Pebble Tossers volunteers simply register for that date to participate.

Children's book author and Super Bowl Champion, Malcolm Mitchell, will kick off READMarathon. At benchmark points throughout the race, students will receive video-based encouragement from Malcolm. When a student has read 850 minutes, they will receive an automated congratulation message from Malcolm Mitchell.

READMarathon Course: The course includes a unique reading time for each of the 26.2 days. The course is a SUGGESTED method for finishing READMarathon.

Additional information and resources will be provided by the ReadMarathon team.

This opportunity has multiple shifts see schedule tab to sign up.

Oct. 6 - Nov. 1 times vary - Open Project

Notes: Please read the description for all of the details. This is a month-long commitment.


2:00 pm - 3:00 pm

Available Positions: 12

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