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Virtual Projects for CHOA

Throughout the years, Children's Healthcare of Atlanta (CHOA) has relied on families, individuals and groups for a variety of donations or planned activities for their patients and families. Since volunteers can't visit in person to host activities or provide meals for the families, CHOA is accepting Craft Kits, Meal Bags, and Shout-outs for Healthcare Workers that you can create from home. This project is perfect for all ages and is a great family project. There is not a minimum number of kits required.

Craft Kits: The Craft Kits spark their creativity and help the patients briefly escape their situation by allowing them to focus on creative and fun activities. The possibilities are endless, so have fun! Volunteers will decide on a craft, provide all of the materials and instructions needed to complete and deliver to one of the 3 CHOA locations. If you're short on time, Oriental Trading has pre-packaged craft kits. Click here for the How-To-Sheet.

Meal Bags: Meal bags are a wonderful donation to keep their patients and families nourished throughout the entire day. When you are putting together a meal bag, think breakfast through dinner items with a few snacks. Each meal bag should contain: 1 entree, one breakfast item (Pop Tarts, oatmeal, breakfast bar, etc.), one fruit item (applesauce, diced fruit, etc.), 2 side items (crackers, trail mix, etc.). Click here for the How-To-Sheet.

Shout-outs for Healthcare Staff: Show Children's healthcare workers your appreciation and support by donating items for their staff comfort cart. These snack bags will make someone''s day. Click here for the How-To-Sheet.

Current Needs:
Egleston: Meal Bags, but will accept the Craft Kits also.

Scottish Rite:Craft Kits or Shout-outs for Healthcare Staff snack bags.

Hughes Spalding: Craft Kits or Shout-outs for Healthcare Staff snack bags.

Important Registration Notes: Once you are registered to create a Craft Kit, Meal Bag, or Shout-out bag volunteers will receive detailed instructions on how to create the kit or bag and location options. Since this project is virutal, volunteers can complete the project any day or time. The dates and times on the Service Calendar allow volunteers to register for the opportunity, to receive instructions and to record service hours.

This is a virtual project. Donations can be delivered to CHOA at Scottish Rite, Egleston and Hughes Spalding. Details will be provided in the registration confirmation email.

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Volunteer Coordinator